Customer Relationship Management

Explore the power of Artificial Intelligence

Message Notification

Get notified when new messages arrive with audio and notify features.

Manage Platforms

View platform specific messages categorically or unified on your dash.

Live Chat and Tickets

Create a Support Tickets page, Live Chat and a Website Chat Widget.

Autonomous AI Chat

Train a CRM AI on your website and content for autonomous support.

AI Customer Service Dashboard

Unified dashboard for AI and Live Chat

81 %

customers prefer utilizing self-service options before reaching out to a customer service representative.

73 %

shoppers believe that Artificial Intelligence could improve their customer experience.

80 %

customer inquiries can be resolved by training an Artificial Intelligence for Customer Support.

100 %

availability is possible with AI Chatbots, meaning your AI helps customers whenever they want help.


AI Support Questions and Answers

A customer service AI chatbot is an automated digital assistant that interacts with users, answering their queries, providing support, and resolving issues. It uses artificial intelligence to understand natural language and deliver instant responses.

- AI chatbots enhance efficiency by handling routine inquiries 24/7, freeing up human agents for more complex tasks.
- They provide instant responses, improving user experience and customer satisfaction.
- AI chatbots reduce operational costs and enhance scalability.

- Our online software allows you to create custom AI chatbots quickly.
- You can train the chatbot using your website content, PDFs, text, knowledgebase and prompts.
- No coding skills required – it’s user-friendly!

Our chatbot software includes:

- Website Integration: Embed the AI chatbot widget seamlessly on your website.
- Live Chat: Engage users in real-time conversations with AI suggestions and translation.
- Social Media Integration: Connect an AI chatbot to your social media platforms.
- Messaging Platforms: Deploy AI for messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

- Instant Responses: Chatbots provide immediate answers, reducing wait times.
- Business Focused: Chatbots follow predefined rules, ensuring uniform support quality.
- 24/7 Availability: Customers can get help anytime, even outside business hours.

- Absolutely! You can tailor the chatbot’s answers to match your brand tone and style.
- Customize greetings, FAQs, and specific responses based on your business needs.

- Yes, our chatbot supports multilingual interactions.
- Communicate with customers in their preferred language, enhancing engagement.

- Cost Savings: Reduce customer service costs by automating repetitive tasks.
- Data Insights: Analyze user interactions to improve products and services.
- Scalability: Handle high volumes of inquiries without adding staff.

- Yes, our chatbot software prioritizes security.
- Data encryption, user privacy, and compliance with regulations are built-in features.

- Sign up for our software.
- Paste our Chatbot widget code on your website.
- Choose an OpenAI model.
- Train it using your content.
- Connect Social Media.
- Launch it on your website and start providing efficient customer support!